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Anodizing, is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness
of the natural oxide layer on the surface of aluminum parts; it increases
corrosion and wear resistance, and provides better adhesion for paint primers
and glues than bare aluminum. Anodic films can also be used for a number of
cosmetic effects, either with coatings that can absorb dyes or with thin
transparent coatings that add interference effects to reflected light. Anodizing
is also used to prevent galling of threaded components and to make dielectric
films for electrolytic capacitors.  Anodized aluminum surfaces, for example,
are harder than aluminum but have low to moderate wear resistance that can
be improved with increasing thickness or by applying suitable sealing
substances. Anodic films are generally much stronger and more adherent than
most types of paint and metal plating, but also more brittle. This makes them
less likely to crack and peel from aging and wear, but more susceptible to
cracking from thermal stress, which can be reduced by using various sealers.  
We perform sulfuric anodizing to a number of specifications.  Tri-State also
offers re-work capabilities and impregnation solutions for anodized films.

Black Oxide
Black oxide coatings are conversion coatings for steel, stainless steel, copper
and zinc alloys.  This process adds some mild corrosion resistance which can
be improved by impregnating the coating with oil or wax, the aesthetic finish
is black and the luster can be decreased or increased with surface
preparation, finally there is negligible dimensional increase.  There are two
variations of black oxide coatings on steel; the first is a hot bath and is a
conversion coating as listed above, the second is a room temperature process
that provides color but no corrosion resistance and is susceptible to wear.  We
perform black oxide coatings to a number of specifications.

Brass Plating
Brass plating is often used for decorative purposes but there exist some
technical use for the coating.  The brass coating may be finished by buffing or
antiquing (advanced oxidation) by several aesthetic methods.  Usually, a
lacquer or wax serves as the final treatment to preserve coating and
finishing.  We perform brass plating to a number of specifications.  Tri-State
also has the ability to closely match coatings performed at our facility to a pre-
existing coating.  This is often performed on such items as bath, door and
window hardware.

Cadmium Plating
Cadmium offers good corrosion resistance, cathodic protection of steel,
galvanic compatibility with aluminum, excellent lubricity, and freedom from
gummy and voluminous corrosion products.  It is silver in color and can be
colored for increased corrosion resistance, a paint base or for aesthetic
purposes by means of a chromate conversion coating.  Tri-State Plating offers
both hexavalent and trivalent chromates.  The color spectrum ranges from
iridescent bronze-gold, olive drab, to black.  We perform cadmium plating to
a wide variety of specifications.  This coating is applied without brighteners,
however, Tri-State does have techniques to keep finishes bright if desired.

Chromate Conversion Coatings on Aluminum
Chromate conversion coatings offer corrosion resistance, make an excellent
paint base, as well as provide aesthetic qualities in coloring of the aluminum.  
There is a direct proportional link between corrosion resistance and film
thickness.  Thickness of coatings rarely exceeds 0.00005 inches.  The amount
of aluminum removed when applying this coating increases with film thickness
but is often negligible.  Prolonged heat exposure in excess of 150⁰F can be
detrimental to the coating.  Thin chromate films do not interfere appreciably
with spot, seam, or other resistance-welding operations.  We preform
chromate conversion coatings to a number of specifications.  Chromate
conversion coatings are available in both gold and clear finishes.

Chromium Plating
Chromium plating is applied as a top coat to polished stainless steel and bright
nickel plated surfaces to preserve metal finishing and as a functional plating
(Hard Chrome) for wear/abrasion and corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning,
and to increase hardness of the substrate.  Functional chromium may also be
used to salvage worn parts by applying a thick coating and machining the part
after plating.  We preform chromium plating to a number of specifications.  
Tri-State Plating offers piston and hydraulic shaft repair options, call us for a

Copper Plating
Copper plating is applied as either an under plating for a final coating such as
nickel, to improve adhesion of the final deposit, impair migration, improve
corrosion resistance or enhance electrical properties; or as a final coating to
enhance electrical or thermal conduction and brazing, a high temperature
lubricant, and as a heat treatment stop-off for projectile jacketing.  The
coating may be platted matte to bright and with a wide range of thicknesses,
hardness, and ductility.  Copper for aesthetic purposes may be polished or
antiqued and is commonly coated with lacquer to preserve the finish.  Tri-
State Plating & Polishing, Inc. performs copper plating to a number of

Heat Treating
Tri-State Plating & Polishing offers a wide variety of Heat Treating options
and we also perform our own stress relief and hydrogen Embrittlement right
off of our plating lines ensuring minimal transfer times.

Tri-State Plating & Polishing, Inc. offers a number of lubricant solutions for
your unique engineering situation.  A sample of some of our more popular
finishes include:  Dry-Film-Lubricants, Silicone Impregnation, Copper and
Cadmium plating, Solid-Film-Lubricants, and Phosphate coating.  Let us assist
you in choosing the most appropriate coating for your particular needs.

Media Blasting, Tumbling, and De-Burring
Tri-State Plating & Polishing, Inc. offers a number of media blasting, tumbling,
and de-burring options.  We are capable of handling your most exacting
specifications.  For articles that are to be passivated post blast, we maintain a
separate cabinet to ensure the minimization of material contamination.

Nickel Plating
Nickel plating can be used to increase corrosion resistance, for aesthetic
qualities, increase wear resistance, to increase hardness, and can be used to
repair worn or damaged parts.  Tri-State plating offers bright, industrial, and
electro-less nickel performed to a number of specifications.  Contact us for a
quote today.

Phosphate Coating
Phosphate coatings increase lubricity, serve as an excellent paint base, and
provide increased corrosion resistance.  The phosphate coating can be used as
a primary coating or can be applied over other coatings to increase durability
and corrosion resistance.  Tri-State Plating & Polishing, Inc. performs zinc,
iron, and manganese phosphate coatings to a number of specifications.

Silver Plating
Silver plating is used in the electronics industry often as a cheaper alternative
to gold.  Silver can also be applied for decorative purposes.  Tri-State Plating
& Polishing, Inc. offers a number of finishes for silver and this process is
performed to a variety of both government and commercial specifications.

Tin Plating
Tin plating is used extensively to protect both ferrous and nonferrous
surfaces.  This coating is useful for food processing since it is non-toxic,
ductile and corrosion resistant. The excellent ductility that tin provides allows
a tin coated base metal sheet to be formed into a variety of shapes without
damage to the surface tin layer. It provides sacrificial protection for copper,
nickel and other non-ferrous metals, but not for steel.  Tin has also been used
in the electronics industry due to its ability to protect the base metal from
oxidation thus preserving its solderability.

Zinc Plating
Zinc plating provides oxidation prevention and acts as a sacrificial anode if
the barrier is damaged.  Zinc can also be applied for aesthetic qualities as
well due to its unique luster.  A zinc plated coating can have its oxidation and
corrosion prevention improved further by a supplementary chromate
conversion coating.  Tri-State Plating & Polishing, Inc. offers this process to
many specifications.

Other Services
Tri-State Plating & Polishing performs additional services as listed below.  
Additionally, these services are performed to a number of specifications
including our recognized procedure for oxygen and industrial gas service
cleaning on Pipe and Pipe Line Materials.

  • Specialty cleaning of materials including pipe for oxygen and medical and
    industrial gas service.
  • Metal Resurfacing including:  grinding, polishing and buffing
  • Painting and powder coating services
  • Primer Wash Coatings
  • Antiquing on brass, copper, and bronze surfaces
  • Hydraulic repair work
  • Passivation Services
  • Pickling Services
  • Consultation Services
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All processes are done to a
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